Fact Finding Study of Frac Sand Mining Completed

Monday, March 2, 2015 County Supervisor Dean Thompson and former Supervisor Dennis Karlsbroten made public their study of the possibility for and the impact of industrial scale frac sand mining in Winneshiek County.  An exhaustive and detailed study of the geology of the county as well as the experience of similar large scale silica sand mining in Wisconsin have led the Board of Supervisors to take action.  The Supervisors directed the Planning and Zoning Commission, with the assistance of the County Attorney’s office, to write amendments to the County Zoning Ordinance which will closely regulate and frac sand mining in Winneshiek County.

The Winneshiek County Protectors applaud the diligence and hard work of Supervisors Thompson and Karlsbroten.  Focus now turns to the Planning and Zoning Commission and its subcommittee on industrial scale frac sand mining.  In order to protect Winneshiek County’s natural resources and our quality of life a sound ordinance must be adopted by the P+Z Commission and eventually by the Board of Supervisors.  September 15 is the deadline for the P+Z Commission to get all their work done.  The citizens of the County should continue to pay close attention to these public bodies and speak to members to encourage adoption of a rigorous frac sand ordinance.  The Board of Supervisors fact finding report is available online at: http://www.winneshiekcounty.org/moratorium-fact-finding.html.